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Beard and Hair Straightener Comb
Beard and Hair Straightener Comb
Beard and Hair Straightener Comb
Beard and Hair Straightener Comb

Beard and Hair Straightener Comb

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Take your beard to the next level with the first ever heated beard comb! 

  • Damage Free Design: Using negative ion technology to prevent damage to your beard or hair we have created the first heated comb safe for daily use. 
  • Heat Barrier Design: We have created revolutionary bristles that glide effortlessly across the face and scalp without harming the skin. 
  • Quick Heating: Up to temperature in 15-30 seconds, perfect for a quick touch up. 
  • Multi-Use: Use for your beard and head hair to look pristine everywhere you go. 
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic: Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and lightweight for incredible precision.  

We all know beards can be a handful to not only maintain but style. This comb is designed to smooth out facial hair for an effortlessly soft finish that holds. This will make your morning routine simple and quick with outstanding results! 

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How to use: 

  1. Make sure hair and beard are completely dry
  2. Simply plug in and chose your heat setting
  3. Brush through your hair or beard going from roots to ends until your desired smoothness is achieved
  4. When finished simply unplug and wait till comb is cooled before putting away

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